Shipping & retour

Shipping costs
     Shipping costs at are €6.95 within Belgium and the Netherlands.
     Orders for at least €50 will be shipped for free. 

Delivery time
     We aim to deliver parcels without printing within 5 to 7 working days.
     Packages with printing will be delivered within 7 to 10 working days. If something goes wrong internally at
     B-POST, we unfortunately have no control over it.
     We do try to track your package as carefully as possible, so if anything goes wrong we will be able to inform you.
     informed. Due to the busy period from June to December, delivery times may be delayed by a few days.

Not satisfied with your purchase? For a return, you may send an email to:  You may return the goods to Jakosportshop - Kemelbeekstraat 6 2460 Tielen. The return costs are for the buyer. Please be sure to leave the packing slip in the box. Refunds will be made within 7 working days after we have received the clothes back. 

Clothing can be returned within 14 working days of receipt. Goods must be returned in their original packaging, unworn and without damage. 

Printed goods cannot be returned.


Address details
     Of course we want your parcel to be delivered to you on time and properly. That is why
     of course we also need the correct address details. Be sure to double-check your address
     and avoid additional costs and a late delivery of your parcel.
     Correct address details include;  

     - Name of the recipient
     - Company name (optional)
     - Street name + house number
     - Postal code + city
     - Country
     - E-mail address
     - Telephone number

    We cannot possibly check all addresses. B-POST gives us an indication of
    an existing address, and if they themselves see an obvious error we will correct it.
    An extra check can't hurt, so you are responsible yourself.

Parcel not delivered?
    If your parcel is sent to the wrong address or is not picked up, it will be returned to us.
    the parcel will be returned to us. This will be indicated with "Return to sender". 

    From 1 January 2020, B-POST will charge a surcharge for this, which we will be forced to
    have to pass on. The surcharge amounts to €2.75 per parcel and is valid if a parcel
    returns with the following reasons:


    - Incorrect or wrong address
    - Parcel was not picked up at the relevant post point/post office/vending machine
    - Consignee has moved

     We can of course resend the parcel back. For this we will charge the
    of B-POST including the shipping costs again (€6.95). (Even though the parcel was
    sent for free the first time).


Package damaged or lost?
    Exceptionally, but it can happen that a parcel is lost, or damaged.
    When a parcel is lost at B-POST, we will file a complaint, and resend your order as soon
    resend your order as soon as possible. Of course, this may take a few days. 

    Of course, it can also happen that a parcel is damaged. When this occurs
    we will file a damage claim with B-POST. For this we do need some details, which
    only you as the recipient can provide us with. We need these details (via email); 


    - Photo of the shipping box on which the postal label is legible
    - Photo of the inside of the shipping box on which the damaged products are visible
    - Photo of the damaged product


    Please note that without this evidence we cannot submit a claim to B-POST.

Track & Trace
     You can always track your package via B-POST, thanks to the unique barcode that B-POST gives them.
     This can be done via this link: 

     As soon as we have sent your package, you will receive your unique track code by e-mail. 


     Please note: it may take some time before the tracking information is available. Only when the   
     product(s) have arrived at the sorting centre, the Track & Trace link will change status and
     you can track the order.

     Do you have any questions or comments? Then please do not hesitate to contact us
     and we will be happy to help you!